Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.

― Peter F. Drucker

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.

― Peter F. Drucker

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

― Peter F. Drucker

Work is a process, and any process needs to be controlled. To make work productive, therefore, requires building the appropriate controls into the process of work.

― Peter F. Drucker

Idea Incubation

Idea incubation is a process for bringing ideas into reality and is initiated with a concept which is the product of a gap and a marketable solution to the it . When collaboration takes place between the stakeholders it fosters the idea incubation process, making the idea stronger and more viable ultimately resulting in the idea being made commercially viable .

Matrix Technologies fosters idea incubation by clustering together in collaborative environments. With the stake holders to explore the idea into a viable & successful venture . By becoming compatible and responsible partners in the venture delving on our strengths complimenting the weaknesses of the team members to make the venture highly successful.

Matrix Technologies teams up with like-minded entrepreneur who can identify a problem, a solution, and a way to make the solution marketable. Idea incubation may involve a simple problem and an innovative solution, or a complex problem requiring creative effort by several individuals. If the idea incubation process is successful, an entrepreneur can present a larger company with a concrete concept, resulting in increased funding to develop it. Matrix Technologies provides support for product development all the way through the process from the initial vague concept to commercial production.

We understand that Idea Incubation demands

  • An open environment
  • The free exchange of information
  • Use of conflict as a development tool
  • Equality between idea incubators
  • Out of the box Thinking
  • Innovative risk Taking

Believe us we enjoy working in such an Ambience !!

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